Structured Voice and Data Cabling System

What is structured voice and data cabling?
When looking at structured voice and data cabling, it is important to understand the importance of how the infrastructure is going to work. We only use the best components to make sure that every connection is as stable as possible. A Structured cabling solution is simply the cabling that can be used to transfer data from one machine to another, either on the same network or externally. It is important to design an infrastructure that is easier to maintain and reliable.
What planning needs to go into structured voice and data cabling?
Technology tends to change at a fast pace. Small incremental changes over a relatively short amount of time can mean your data cabling infrastructure can easily become outdated and obsolete within a few years. This is where structured cabling companies can be proved invaluable.
What do you need your network data cabling solution to do long term?
When most companies are looking at a structured voice and data cabling solution, it is usually based on the immediate effect it will have on the business. Current technology uses communication cables that most will know as an ethernet cable. The most common are Cat5, Cat6, and Cat7 Structured Cabling. The standard minimum requirement for an ethernet cable to transfer data is Cat5 but the speeds are much slower than Cat6 capabilities. Cat6 is more expensive as a rule, but is backwards compatible so it can work on a Cat5 infrastructure. Plus Cat6 cables are better insulated so they offer almost no crosstalk interference. Reducing the potential of errors during transfer.
Why is it important?
Future proofing your data cabling solution may seem unnecessary in the short term as it will cost more and no one can see the future. However, in a few years it will cost you more in time and money to upgrade the data cable network to a more suitable solution.
What does voice and data cabling enable?
Network cable wiring enables a multitude of options for your business. It can bring all your existing technology together so they can communicate with each other. Data transfers through the internal network will also be more secure. The biggest impact voice and data cabling will have on your business is the ability to have a VoIP phone system. Voice over IP, VoIP is essentially making calls through an internet connection instead of a copper wire landline. So you can have multiple lines for multiple users, with their own extensions, and it will cheaper than a standard landline phone.
How can Shanco assist?
ShanCo IT Services know how important Structured Voice and Data Cabling Installation is. With the options of Cat5, Cat6, and Cat7 Structured Cabling, we can make sure you receive the right cabling solution for your business. We offer Structured Voice and Data Cabling in London and always consult on your needs. ShanCo IT Services work with our clients to help with understanding and find out what your infrastructure needs. We also do Residential Structured Cabling. Contact Us today to get a Structured Cabling Quotation.


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