Structured Voice and Data Cabling in London

If you need structured voice and data cabling London services then you should consider ShanCo IT Services.

What is structured voice and data cabling?

A structured voice and data cabling system enables you to connect all your digital devices (computers, phones, wireless nodes, photocopiers, cameras, tablets and so on) into a phone and data networking system through an Ethernet cabling system.

What does voice and data cabling enable?

Network cable wiring enables a wide range of features for your business. It can bring all your existing technology elements together so they can communicate. Data transfers through the internal network will be faster and more secure.

The biggest benefit for your business, however, is the ability to use VoIP phone systems. VoIP (Voice over IP) is a digital phone system that enables phone services to be provided through the internet rather than having to use a copper wire landline. This means you can install a virtual PABX system with multiple lines, individual extensions, and all the call waiting and transfer features (among others) at a much lesser cost than with a standard landline.

How Can ShanCo IT Help with Your Cabling Solution

If you're installing or upgrading your structured cabling London infrastructure, you should contact us at ShanCo IT. Our services will help ensure that your data cabling solution is 'future-proof' and that it is as secure as possible. While it may seem unnecessary or pricey to use the latest technology, in a few years it will cost you more in time and money to upgrade the data cable network than to build it right in the first place.

We can provide you with the latest in Ethernet cabling including Cat5, Cat6 and Cat7 structured cabling. The Cat5 standard, for example, is designed for high signal strength and integrity and is used for computer networks and to provide voice services. Cat6 provides up to Gigabit speed internet connections and has better protections against crosstalk on phone lines and noise for data transfers. We'll help you decide on the best solution based on your business needs.

ShanCo IT Services

ShanCo IT Services are experienced Structured Voice and Data Cabling Installation experts. We can make sure you receive the right cabling solution for your business by engaging in a thorough consultation period to fully understand your needs. We take the time to listen and understand your business so that we can install a complete data cabling solution and also provide the service and support you need during its implementation and in the future.

We can also provide residential structured cabling. Contact us today through our website to get a structured cabling quote or if you have any questions.

Benefits of a London Area Provider

ShanCo IT has its offices located in Hemel Hempstead in London which is advantageously located to the central, south, north and west parts of London. This means that they can be there quickly if you have any issues or maintenance requirements and allows you to build relationships with your local suppliers who understand the London area.


If you require IT services delivered quickly and precisely, contact ShanCo IT Services today. Their expert team will ensure you get the help you need.

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