Cable Tidy Solutions For Offices

Cable tidy management is increasingly important, given the way technology changes. Old cables become obsolete, new technology must be added to keep up and cables proliferate with no end in sight. If you own a business, it's your responsibility to keep things organised, electrical wires up to code and cables accessible but out of the way. Office cable tidy solutions include simple but effective tools that keep your space clean, efficient and organised.

If you work at home, the problem can be even more overwhelming with all sorts of electronic gadgets, gaming cords, television cables and computer-related wires and cables. Everyone has faced the frustrating prospect of untangling crossed cords or walking on cables and snagging a valuable piece of equipment.

Adding Technology, Upgrading Equipment and Performing Maintenance

The lack of organisation becomes especially troublesome when you want to add new equipment or perform routine maintenance jobs. You can end up spending most of your time simply trying to trace cables and connections, some of which haven't been touched in years. Cable tidy solutions not only saves time but also saves money by extending the life of cables and identifying old cables that can be reused.

Wall Cable Tidy

Organising voice, data and electronic cabling in convenient wall-based caddies makes it easy to label, find and separate the cables you need for maintenance, disconnections, upgrades and replacements. You don't need to crawl around the floor and play a game of 'Twister' to find the cables you need.

Outdoor Cable Tidy

Outdoor cable organisation solutions can improve the appearance of your building and reduce signal interference for better connections. During the organisation process, it becomes apparent which cables receive damage from the weather, elements and wildlife. Simple organisation of outside cables improves serviceability, enhances cooling and airflow caused by poor placement of cables and reduces the risk of errors in maintenance and troubleshooting.

Industrial Cable Tidy

The proliferation of cables in industrial operations can create a nightmare for maintenance and service. Loose cables can create extreme safety risks in industry, and industrial cables often require more professional organisation and setups for structured wiring and cable systems in factories, buildings, offices, data centers and assembly lines. Bundling wires and cables might require:

• Waterproof labelling

• Zip ties

• Nylon harnesses

• Electrical tape

• Velcro straps

Getting expert advice, cable management products and excellent organisation strategies takes expert planning and execution.

How ShanCo IT Services Can Help

Businesses become increasingly complex because of hardware, despite more and more advanced software solutions. That's why your business needs professional cable tidy management to prevent accidents, injuries and wasted time searching for the right cable. Ideally, your workplace should be as organised as your ERP or CRM software.

ShanCo IT Services can handle any cable tidy job for offices, buildings and industries. Our experts understand the complexities of fibre structured cabling, voice and data cabling, electrical cabling and security for both inside and outside cabling tidy jobs.

Get your business up to code, and keep it that way with neat organisation that looks like a wiring diagram. Our company has products and IT solutions for superior cable tidy management in an evolving work environment where things need to change on a regular basis.


If you require IT services delivered quickly and precisely, contact ShanCo IT Services today. Their expert team will ensure you get the help you need.

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