Fibre Optic Structured Cabling System

What is structured cabling?
Structured cabling is the system of making sure the wires in the company infrastructure are neat and in the right place. This makes managing the infrastructure much easier. A Fibre optic structured cabling system is just the same but specifically the structuring of fibre optic cables. Fibre optic cables for data communication are important as it is the way to transfer data at a fast rate, data can be files or it can be voice packets.
Why is it important to get it right?
The ability to use a crucial tool such as the internet Voice over IP needs a secure and efficient connection, if anything goes wrong, the issues need to be identified quickly. A Structured cabling fibre optic system helps keep the maintenance streamlined for optimum efficiency. Not only does having a fibre optic cable structure in place help with maintenance, but it also helps with heat management and dissipation. Heat can cause technology to slow down or in some cases not work at all. Cable management helps heat escape from the server cabinet and keeps it running smoothly.
Future proofing your infrastructure
Fibre optic network cables are the fastest and most direct way of transferring data between employees and external clients. With a big switch in how a business approaches Voice over IP, VoIP, you need to have an increased bandwidth to deal with the amount of data being transferred. Fibre optic cables use light to transfer data, and in theory can travel the speed of light from one point to another, in practice it runs at about 70% the speed of light. This means there is very little in the way of improving speeds with the current infrastructure. By adopting fibre optic cable wire from the ground up you will be future proofing your business.
Why should you bring in an expert?
With all manner of Electrical Cabling and data cable management, you should use an expert as it is safer and to health and safety standards. As these servers use a large amount of energy to run, if anything malfunctions and the proper steps were not taken, then it could be costly to fix and endanger employees. All our Services are regulated and our engineers are fully trained specialists.
Why are ShanCo the right people for the job?
We offer a number of solutions when installing fibre optic data cable. As a fibre optic cable supplier, we know the most efficient and effective way to manage your fibre optic cable structure. Whether it is Internal or external cabling, the type of cable it needs to be and whether it needs to sustain harsh environments. We can offer fibre optic cabling to the desk, between floors and other sites. We can also help with corporate WiFi solutions. We install all types of terminations such as LC, SC and ST, and as many cores as you wish. 24,48 cores, the options are endless. Current cabling standards are Multimode and Singlemode for which we use in all our Fibre Optic Cable Installations and this also includes external high-grade fibre and armoured plating. Contact Us today to see how we can help!


If you require IT services delivered quickly and precisely, contact ShanCo IT Services today. Their expert team will ensure you get the help you need.

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