Electrical Cabling

ShanCo has an internal electrical cabling team. Whether it is power for a new build or a house rewire - we can help.

Our design and build experience to the process of landlord fitout, we are able to offer solutions to reduce the budget without compromising on the integrity and flexibility of  the installation.

Cat B/A, we work best when involved from the onset of design working with the Project Directors and designers, to come up with imaginative lighting proposals whatever the budget.

We also have vast experience with essential support systems, providing technical support from Data Centres to Comms rooms and house re-wires and call outs.

What is electrical cabling?
An electrical cabling consists of an assembly of one or multiple electric wire bundled or running side-by-side, used for the distribution and transmission of electrical energy. Power cables are used for the transmission of extra high voltages, where it is not possible to use overhead lines such as the airfield crossing, or the sea, and consist of two or more conductors joined with an over sheath.

What different voltages are used in electrical cabling?
• Cables used for low-voltage lines can carry power from 0 to 1000 volts
• Cables employed for medium-voltage lines can carry power from 1000 to 50000 volts
• Cables used for high-voltage lines can carry power from 50000 to 200000 volts
• Cables used for extreme high-voltage lines can carry power more than 200000 volts

These cables are designed and manufactured as per operating maximum temperature, purpose of applications desired by the customer, and voltage, current to be carried.

What is the use of electrical cabling?
Cabling is used to carry electric power from one point to the other. It can carry voltages as low as 1.2 (the power emitted by rechargeable AA, and AAA batteries), or as high as 200000 volts. The typical household power supply in the United Kingdom is 230 volts. In certain other countries, the household power supply is 110 volts.

Types of wire

Types of electrical cables include:
• Flame retardant: Such a cable will not convey or propagate a fire
• Fire resistant: Such a cable, also referred to as circuit integrity cable, continues to function in the event of a fire
• Coaxial: Such a cable consists of solid steel plated with copper, or solid copper enclosed in the metallic braid as well as metallic tape
• Twisted pair: It consists of two or more colour coded and insulated copper wires twisted with each other. These types of electrical cord are the most popular ones by use

What are the components of an electrical cable?
The cable consists of the conductor (typically made of copper), covered by insulation, then an inner sheath, followed by armour, and finally the outer sheath. If you cut through a piece of electric cord, you will be able to see the different layers. These cables are designed for industrial use. The flexible wire designed for domestic use consists of multiple twisted copper wires covered by a PVC layer. Three such twisted wires, with layers coded red, green, and black constitute a single domestic wire.

What different types of insulation are available for electrical wires and cables?
The different types of insulation for wiring cable includes cross-linked polyethylene (either through chemical cross-linking or electron beam processing), polyethylene, rubber-like polymers, Kapton, PVC, Teflon, oil impregnated paper, ETFE (ethylene tetraflouroelene), and silicon.

Deal with a professional for all types of wires
It is extremely important to have your cables installed in an organised way. This allows the electrician to detect any faulty wire easily in case of any problem and replace it with a new one. Instead of approaching any dealer selling different types of electrical cables, speak with ShanCo IT Services for your cabling needs. Our professional internal cabling team can help you whether you require cables for a building rewire or for a new building.


If you require IT services delivered quickly and precisely, contact ShanCo IT Services today. Their expert team will ensure you get the help you need.

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