Cabling Infrastructure Audit

What is cabling infrastructure?

A cabling infrastructure is the complete collection of types of cables that link and work together on a network. The cabling infrastructure is what allows your business to communicate and send and receive data, both internally and externally. Electrical Cabling running to and from the server helps power your entire network.

Why may you need a cabling infrastructure audit?

A cabling infrastructure audit is where a business would look at their servers and cables to see if they are installed and running smoothly. An audit can help identify a number of issues on the network.


How fast your network cabling infrastructure can transfer data can come down to how well the cabling itself is managed and maintained. Running an audit and diagnostics on the lines will help identify any bottlenecking in data speeds so you can replace any faulty cabling.

Confusing Cable Management

If there is an issue or bottleneck on the network then having a confusing and messy network cabling infrastructure will make it more difficult to locate the problem. A cabling infrastructure audit will help with identifying how your cable management could be optimised. Cabling Solutions can help identify what each cable is used for to save time in need of replacement.

Health and safety

Another very important aspect of a cabling infrastructure audit is to make sure it is health and safety compliant. All cables and wires should be tidy and pinned out of the way of passersby. Someone could knock, kick or trip on a cable which can take the whole server out or cause serious harm to your employees. Structured Cabling will help keep employees safe.

Why is it important to test the cable performance?

Nothing is more frustrating than paying for a high speed network that should be running at full speed, slow down to a crawl or not work at all. Regular health checks run on the cabling infrastructure’s performance will help identify any parts of the network ecosystem that are not working optimally.

What happens in the cable audit process?


You most likely can’t stop operations at any time of day to run a cabling infrastructure audit. So you will need to plan when this can be done with the least amount of disruptions. Planning is always important as it will make sure you have the right tools and equipment to perform the audit.

The Audit

This is the part that can entail whatever you need it to check. This is tailored to each business’ needs. A few common tests are checking the range of devices on the network, and the flow of data transfer. This is where you can see how higher stress point areas deal with the larger amount of traffic on the network infrastructure.

The report

This is the results of your cabling infrastructure audit and it will give you insight into how well the network is coping with the usage and what improvements you will need to make to make the lines more optimal.

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