Audio Visual System

Audio Visual again is becoming a very popular choice with companies, as such companies are trying to avoid flying round the world for meetings and conferences.
Companies are investing in systems from manufacturers such Cisco and Polycom. This is where you can be in London and New York talking with and seeing everyone over a large screen with interactive white boards, iPad/iPhone/Laptop connectivity and screen sharing.
Shanco can install AV Systems and partner with a good number of manufacturers offering this service.
We can also move, install and change the screens if need be, We currently market and partner with Polycom and Cisco Systems and Kramer.
Video conferencing – no problem!

What is an audio visual system?
Thanks to the advent of high-speed broadband connections available at pocket-friendly prices, more and more companies worldwide, including those in the United Kingdom, are opting to install AV equipment in their offices. Holding worldwide video meetings at virtually no extra cost is among the primary advantages of the audio visual system. You can also use this system when hosting a conference with your clients to display your latest products and services. It requires commercial audio visual installation.

Why is AV important to business?
The specialist of AV companies will set up several speakers as well as LCD screens in your auditorium. It ensures that even people sitting in the last row can see and hear you properly when displaying your latest product and discussing its features. The company from which you hired the commercial audio visual system ought to include the cost of installation and uninstallation of the system as a part of their quotation. To get the best experience during the meeting, you need to have the best possible audio visual system. Remember, installation is an essential and integral part of the entire process. The positioning of the speakers and display units is a challenging task. Professional AV installation companies will setup the LCD screens so that all the people in the room can view you comfortably. Professional AV installers will also set up the speakers in such a way so that the sound does not bounce off the walls.

Why is it vital to have an AV system installation job done correctly?
You might believe that merely hooking up a couple of display units and sound boxes are sufficient to complete the job. It is not the truth. The speakers and the display unit should be evenly distributed throughout the conference hall so that all attendees can see your demonstration without straining their neck. They should also be able to hear your voice clearly. The sad part is that most people always look for the cheapest option when hiring conference room AV equipment. It results in a poor setup where chaos reigns when the people attending your conference cannot see you or hear you. Therefore, you should only choose professional companies such as Shanco for the job. They use only top-grade AV equipment manufactured by global leaders such as Kramer, Cisco Systems, and Polycom. Once their technicians have completed the conference room AV installation job, their specialist will check the entire setup to ensure that it is working correctly. If not, he will instruct the installers to move or change the screens and speakers if required.

Boardroom AV
The boardroom AV systems allow you to hold video conference calls with your partners all over the world. The systems supplied by Shanco ensure that the videos are sharp and the audio crystal clear. Contact them today for your boardroom audio visual solutions. Shanco has earned fame all over the United Kingdom for the high quality of its AV audio visual systems. Contact them today for the best possible audio visual control systems for your conference hall.


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