Access Control Systems for buildings

What are access control systems for buildings?
We all need security. Security is important in most aspects of life, and the same can be easily said in regards to business. An access control system is one of many ways of keeping your company premises safe and secure. Access control systems are the keypads or key card readers you may see at the entrance of an office complex, or on a door to an area with sensitive information stored in there. All businesses must comply with data protection and a Door Access Control System is one way to achieve this.
How does it work?
We help with the wiring for the Access Control Installation. What happens in most cases of access control systems is that there is an input to a device, the device sends an electrical signal down the cabling to a server that decrypts the information to see if it is allowed access and sends a signal back to the input device. If it is accepted the door or secured device is unlocked, if it is declined, it returns an error message. Building access control systems do the same but are specifically for gaining access into the building.
What controls does it give you?
Having control of the technology and security within your business is important. Unauthorised access to the premises or the network could lead to a breach of data security and a breach of data protection. By allowing the ability to lock out everyone until a specific security code or RFID style pass is used, this will limit access to the people authorised to access it.
Why is it good to have a secure software like this?
Data access control services are there to protect the most sought after commodity in modern times, personal and sensitive information. Data access control limits unauthorised parties to steal and sell this information for profit. If you work in any financial service, this is particularly important. The financial information any company that processes transactions electronically has, needs to be protected. This is why it is crucial to use a Data access control service.
Why is it easy to manage?
The Access control systems primary function is Security. Security systems on the surface look complicated, and the software involved is very intricate. However, as a user it is intuitive and simple to use. You can add or remove users effortlessly and monitor who gains access to what system or area at any time with user logs.
Why should you speak to ShanCo?
ShanCo works with a number of the best access control system providers to make sure you are getting the very best in security technology. ShanCo installs the infrastructure to protect your business, so you can have peace of mind that you are doing all that is possible to protect your business and protect your client’s data. Contact Us as soon as possible to see how we can facilitate your security needs for Door access control systems and data access control systems.


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